Introducing Smith & Cult, the New Nail Polish Line You NEED To Know

Possibly the best nail polish I've ever tried.
Natacha Medeiros
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Possibly the best nail polish I've ever tried.

A swanky new nail polish line has just launched, and I'm completely obsessed with it. 

Smith & Cult is the latest creation from Dineh Mohajer, the founder of cult '90s nail brand Hard Candy. Although non-traditional shades are now the norm, the former pre-med student turned beauty mogul can be credited for making them mainstream 20 years ago—like the now iconic baby blue that she first mixed by hand in her dorm room! 

Now Dineh is back with Smith & Cult, a 5-free nail polish line focused on high-performance and glossy shine. I mean it when I say this stuff is good. Like, out of all the hundreds of nail polishes I've tried, this might be my all-time favourite—no joke. Retailing for US$18 apiece, these little guys aren't cheap, but they're worth every damn penny. Here's why.

The Bottle

Smith and Cult nail polish

The Smith & Cult bottles—have you ever seen a prettier beauty product?

Besides these Smith & Cult polishes being crazy-good quality (you'll see that with the swatches), can we please take a second to appreciate what is the most beautiful bottle of nail polish I've ever seen? These things are gorgeous and so luxe and chic. I kind of want to have my own display case for them. 

Smith and Cult nail polish

Smith & Cult's short, round bottles.

Smith and Cult nail polish

Smith & Cult's chic hammered caps.

The hammered tops are a little edgy, but get balanced out with a short, round bottle. And that logo. I can't deal with how good the branding is here.

The Brush

Smith and Cult brush comparison

From left to right: OPI, CND Vinylux, Essie, Deborah Lippmann, and the teeny Smith & Cult brush.

I also have to give a shout-out to the brush. Because the bottle isn't the typical, tall shape, the brush and handle are much shorter. I was skeptical at first, but I'm now convinced it's one of the best brushes I've ever tried. The short handle gives me more control of the polish and makes for a much better application. 

Now let's get into the swatches so I can tell you how much I love each and every colour... and then some! Get ready to have permanent heart eyes, you guys. 

Kings & Thieves

Smith and Cult - Kings and Thieves

Smith & Cult Nail Lacquer in Kings & Thieves.

Colour: on point. Name: on point. I love Kings & Thieves, a dark inky blue. Two easy coats and this stuff was good to go. Don't you want this on your nails?

She Said Yeah

Smith and Cult - She Said Yeah

Smith & Cult Nail Lacquer in She Said Yeah.

For a lighter greyish blue—they describe this as a periwinkle—She Said Yeah is pretty awesome. The formula was a dream and two coats was just right. #flawless

Kundalini Hustle

Smith and Cult - Kundalini Hustle

Smith & Cult Nail Lacquer in Kundalini Hustle.

Okay, so this red is a really good red, but I'm not going to lie and say Kundalini Hustle is a total must-have. Formula-wise, it's amazing, so yes, it's totally worth it if you're looking for a quality crimson. But if you've got a few reds in your stash, chances are you'll already have one similar to this shade. There's really nothing too special about it, but it's still worth it because the packaging is sooooo good. 

Shattered Souls

Smith and Cult - Shattered Souls

Smith & Cult Nail Lacquer in Shattered Souls over Kundalini Hustle.

I put Shattered Souls, a clear base with flecks of gold, over Kundalini Hustle and just look how pretty that is. Plus, this was only one swipe of glitter! Just one! I love how evenly it applied and really, the gold and red were just made for each other. 

Psycho Candy

Smith and Cult - Psycho Candy

Smith & Cult Nail Lacquer in Psycho Candy.

How amazing are these names? Psycho Candy is a cute coral that was perfect in two coats and super-opaque. 

Vegas Post Apocalyptic

Smith and Cult - Vegas Post Apocalyptic

Smith & Cult Nail Lacquer in Vegas Post Apocalyptic over Psycho Candy.

So much yes going on here. First of all, pink; second of all, pink holographic; third, glitter. I don't need to go on but I will—Vegas Post Apocalyptic, a finely ground rose gold glitter in a clear base, gives me life. Paired with the perfect coral that is Pyscho Candy, I think I just made the best polish combination ever. You're welcome. 

Dirty Baby

Smith and Cult - Dirty Baby

Smith & Cult Nail Lacquer in Dirty Baby.

The black base of Dirty Baby is jam-packed with micro silver glitter and I can't get enough. 

And there you have it, my latest nail obsession! Happy shopping!

Where To Buy

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