The Breast Milk Facial Trend, and More Beauty News

The biggest beauty stories this week.
Michelle Villett
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The biggest beauty stories this week.

Chicago Spa is Offering a Breast Milk Facial

Breast milk facial

At Mud Facial Bar, you can pay to have breast milk slathered on your face.

Breast milk: not just for babies anymore! Now it's the hot new ingredient in facials at the Mud Facial Bar in Chicago. Because it's rich in lauric acid, breast milk can supposedly help clear acne, calm eczema and soothe a sunburn. Well, at least it's not as scary as that spa treatment where snails crawl on your face! {YouBeauty}

A Fat-Melting Cream Is in the Works

Fat-melting cream

Scientists are working on a new fat-melting fix for eye bags.

A topical end to under-eye bags might not be far off. A promising new prescription fat-melting cream called XAF5 is currently in the trial stage, and if successful, could be a bigger deal than Botox. Now, if only they could make one for our thighs... {Allure}

Nail Biting: Just a Sign That You’re So Perfect

Kate Middleton nail biting

Kate Middleton: even more perfect than we thought.

A new University of Montreal study has found that perfectionism might be at the root of compulsive behaviours such as nail biting. Participants had more urge to bite when prohibited from completing work in a timely manner, or when left alone in a room, bored, for just six minutes. {The Cut}

Burger King Perfume Coming to Japan

Burger King perfume

There's a market for Burger King perfume in Japan, apparently.

Burger King might be coming out with a Whopper-scented perfume in Japan. Maybe it'll out-rank pumpkin pie in terms of male arousal? {Kotaku

Jessica Alba’s New Bob

Jessica Alba bob haircut

Jessica Alba debuted her new bob on Instagram.

Jessica Alba is the latest celeb to join the bob bandwagon. Or re-join, I should say. I already declared it her Life Cut in 2011, and maybe she's been reading here again? {Hollywood Life}