Celebrity Dermatologist Fredric Brandt is Dead, and More Beauty News

The biggest beauty stories this week.
Michelle Villett
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The biggest beauty stories this week.

The Man Who Made Botox Ubiquitous Is Dead

Dr. Fredric Brandt, Sirius event, 2011

Dr. Fredric Brandt at a 2011 Sirius event.

Celeb dermatologist Dr. Fredric Brant, 65, was found dead in his Miami home on Sunday night; police have now ruled the cause as suicide by hanging. Brandt was famous for his work with injectables and what New York magazine called "the New New Face," a type of next-gen, non-invasive face-lift. {The Cut}

Former Beauty Editor: Dr. Brandt Was a Legend

Dr. Fredric Brandt, skincare launch, 2013

Dr. Fredric Brandt at a skincare launch in 2013.

Leave it to Cat Marnell to give us some inside scoop on Dr. Brandt. The ex-beauty editor claims "all of the [New York City] editor-in-chiefs and beauty directors" were his clients, and his work was so impressive that it left them looking dewy and relaxed instead of injected. {Time}

Gucci Westman is Leaving Revlon After 7 Years

Gucci Westman, J. Mendel spring 2012 show

Gucci Westman applying makeup to Karlie Kloss at the J. Mendel spring 2012 show.

Goodbye, coolness factor. Makeup artist Gucci Westman is leaving her role as global artistic director at Revlon, where she led product innovation and seasonal colour stories since 2008. No word yet on where she'll go next—but since her high-fashion relationships kept Revlon relevant, it's a huge loss for the brand. {Fashionista}

Moda Digital Makeup Artist Allows You To Virtually Recreate Looks Through Facial Scans And 3D Printing But Is It For Real?

Foreo Moda

Is the Foreo Moda the future of makeup?

Foreo, the Swedish company behind the Luna face-cleansing device and the Issa toothbrush, is set to launch Moda, a "digital makeup artist" that can supposedly recreate any look on your face, via facial scans and 3D printing. It sounds far-fetched (and too good to be true!), but you can add your name to their list to be notified of the invite-only launch. {Bustle}

Bras Don't Actually Work, Says French Study

Bras cause sagging

Bras might actually cause sagging, not prevent it.

A French study has concluded that bras are a "false necessity". After measuring the breasts of hundreds of women between ages 18 and 35 over a 15-year-period, researchers found that breasts get actually saggier from wearing bras. In contrast, women who went braless for one year experienced an average seven-millimetre nipple lift in comparison with their shoulders. {Mother Nature Network}

What Your Face Reveals About Your Health Risks, According to a New Study

Face scans for aging

Face scanning can predict if you're aging faster than your chronological age.

A Chinese study has found that 3D facial imaging can determine whether a person is aging prematurely, according to indicators such as a widening mouth, bulging nose, sagging upper lip, shrinking gums and drooping eye corners. The idea is that a face scan could more accurately predict your future health compared to a routine physical exam. {Health}