How Do You Make Fine Hair Look Less Flat?

"My hair can be volume-challenged, and I have a strange hairline."
Bill Angst
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"My hair can be volume-challenged, and I have a strange hairline."
How to make fine hair look less flat

Want your own hair consultation from celebrity hairstylist Bill Angst? Send at least TWO well-lit, preferably hi-res photos of you (one close-up, one full-body) with a brief description of your hair texture, colour and main hair challenges to with “Bill Angst Hair Consultation” in the subject line.

Q: Hi Billy and Michelle. You two are the best for teaming up to offer hair consultations to help stumped readers like myself! Here is my hair story (with too many photos—sorry!). 

Hair consultation - Ashlee

Ashlee's hair before she cut it for a cancer charity.

I'm 5'6" with grey eyes and pale, cool skin. My natural hair and eyebrow colour is very dark brown. My hair is fine, fairly dense and quite straight. It tends to be 'piecey' in texture, which can make it look and seem wavy. It is quite manageable with minimal styling, which hasn't given me much incentive to find a cut/style that isn't boring.

Until last year, I had very long hair my entire life. Apart from the length, I've tried various bangs, including full and side-swept. 

Hair consultation - Ashlee

Ashlee has tried various bang styles.

Then last year, I cut off over 40 centimetres to help raise money for cancer research/support.

Hair consultation - Ashlee

Ashlee's hair after donating 40 centimetres.

I have since dyed the ends darker, because I thought the warm ends clashed with my skin tone. Otherwise, I have no idea what to do with it. It's grown out, but is still in a blunt cut. Having had long hair my entire life, I am stumped about how to cut/style my shorter hair. My main problems are that my hair can be volume-challenged, and I have a strange hairline. I didn't really feel myself with the shorter hair and am on a mission now to find a haircut that doesn't make my hair look flat, and that works with my widow's peak.

Hair consultation - Ashlee

Ashlee's current blunt-cut hair.

I would be so grateful for your expertise! — Ashlee

A: Ashlee, some of the most beautiful people in the world have a widow's peak… lol! 

I grew up with one, and it did not work with my hairstyle at that time, so I shaved it off. Big mistake. As it grew, I was chasing the stubble and had a horrible time growing it in.

By simply moving your part, you can update this length, if you choose to keep your hair long.

Straight hair with deep side part

Straight hair with a deep side part.

My fave on you is shoulder-length and shorter...

A lower side part seems to work with your hairline, and I love your hair at a shorter length to show off your jawline.

Katie Holmes, Lions for Lambs premiere, 2007

Katie Holmes at the 2007 premiere of 'Lions for Lambs'.

For you this is a very flirty style at this length.

Katie Holmes wavy bob

Katie Holmes' side-parted wavy bob.

I am also digging you with bangs, both side swept and straight down, also with a shorter length.

Katie Holmes, Mad Money premiere, 2008

Katie Holmes at the 2008 premiere of 'Mad Money'.

Shaggy bob with blunt bangs

Shaggy bob with blunt bangs.

This wispy shag with highlights would be a cool move for a fresh summer style.

Ashley Scott, Glamour Don't Party, 2003

Ashley Scott at the 2003 Glamour Don't Party.

All in all, I love your hair shorter. Long is also very pretty, but has no edge.


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