H&M is Launching a Makeup Line, and More Beauty News

The biggest beauty stories this week.
Michelle Villett
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The biggest beauty stories this week.

Fast Fashion For Your Face

H&M makeup line

Chic packaging from H&M's forthcoming cosmetics range.

Come September (or even mid-August, as I was told), H&M will be launching a huge range of cosmetics. Like, 1,000 pieces type of huge. Ranging from US$2.99 to $24.99, the collection will include makeup and nail polish colours, haircare, body care and beauty tools. The most exciting element (for me): they'll also have some organic, Ecocert-certified beauty wares. {Style.com}

Jennifer Lawrence's New Makeup Gig

Jennifer Lawrence face of Dior Addict

Jennifer Lawrence is the new face of Dior Addict makeup.

Jennifer Lawrence is barely believable as a spokesperson for Dior ready-to-wear fashion—but now the brand has also chosen her to rep Dior Addict makeup. (Outside of the red carpet, does she even wear makeup?) Her first campaign comes out in September. {Fashionista}

Rob Lowe's Skincare Line is Ready

Rob Lowe skincare

Rob Lowe's new skincare line, Profile 4 Men.

This is exciting because, well, look at Rob Lowe. (Man is 51 and looks gooood.) After six years of testing and tinkering, his skincare line—called Profile 4 Men—is finally debuting at profile4men.com on May 18th, and in Nordstrom this fall. {GQ}

Miu Miu's New Fragrance Face

Stacy Martin for Miu Miu

Stacy Martin is the face of Miu Miu's first fragrance.

Her name is Stacy Martin, and she's an English model and actress you might've seen in 'Nymphomaniac'. Now she's fronting Miu Miu's very first perfume, due out in September. {Harper's Bazaar}

Coffee is Actually Healthy

Coffee health benefits

Skipping coffee for your health? Don't.

This is music to my ears, because when I say I started drinking coffee "for the health benefits," people think I'm crazy. But no—new evidence shows it can decrease risk of cardiovascular disease, liver disease and liver cancer, Parkinson's disease and diabetes. {The New York Times}

This Makeup Artist Hates Contouring

Pati Dubroff against contouring

Don't do this in front of makeup artist Pati Dubroff.

This photo isn't her work, but an image from Pati Dubroff's Instagram account, where she's taken a stand against the contouring craze. Here, she explains why in her own words—and how she got cyber-bullied as a result! (Guess there are a lot of contouring fans on social media.) Pati doesn't want to point her finger at the Kardashians for starting this trend... but "they've absolutely influenced things." Hear, hear. {The Cut}