Kim Kardashian is Teaching Makeup Tutorials, and More Beauty News

The biggest beauty stories this week.
Michelle Villett
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The biggest beauty stories this week.

Kim Kardashian's New Beauty Videos

Kim Kardashian makeup tutorials

Kim Kardashian will soon be doing makeup and hair tutorials.

Would you want a Kardashian to teach you about makeup? I can't say I'd be game, but I know millions of people would—and so, it does make sense that the queen of contour and false lashes is starting her own beauty website this summer, to include both hair and makeup video tutorials. And she's not the only one in the family. According to a Tweet, her sisters are launching their own beauty websites, too. God help us, the contour trend might be here to stay. {MTV}

The Belly Button Challenge

Belly Button Challenge

Can you touch your belly button like this? If not, the Internet says you're "fat."

Okay, put one arm behind you and try wrapping it around your waist. Can you touch your belly button? Congratulations, you've just passed the Belly Button Challenge, the latest silly fad to sweep the Internet. Those who fail apparently "need to lose weight," according to an unknown U.S. study. Great, another way to feel bad about ourselves. (I totally failed.) {Buzzfeed}

Vagina Fillers Are a Thing

Vagina fillers

Yes, you can get hyaluronic acid filler injected down there.

Guess what's on the rise? Requests for having the labia and the penis plumped using dermal fillers. People want "youthful-looking" genitals, and they're going to the dermatologist's office to get them. Except the procedure isn't without risks. {Daily Mail}

What Beyoncé Eats

Beyonce diet

Beyoncé attributes this bod to veganism... sort of.

Beyoncé "big" announcement this week was that she keeps weight off by following a vegan diet—the 22 Days Nutrition Meal Plan, created by her trainer Marco Borges. Bonus beauty side-effect: "I felt like my skin was really firm, a lot more than when I restricted myself," Bey told 'Good Morning America'. Except she's just sort of vegan, because she also eats meat sometimes. Wait, what? {ELLE and Daily Mail}

Beards Are Over

Joel Alexander beard to bare face

Instagram star Joel Alexander is now bare faced.

Prepare to see fewer dudes with beards from now on. Guys in the know are shaving off their hipster fuzz and opting for a clean-faced look. Just call them "yuccies"—Young Urban Creatives. {Mashable}

A $25,000 Manicure Exists

Luxury manicure

So there's a manicure you can get that costs more than a car.

A salon in Newport Beach, California, is offering the latest over-the-top beauty treatment. Images Luxury Nail Lounge's "Glitz & Glamicure" is a $25,000 nail service that includes real diamond nail art, 24-karat gold nail polish, a facial and hair and makeup. {Refinery 29}

There's Poop on Your Toothbrush

Toothbrush bacteria

Microscopic poop particles could be on your toothbrush.

A new study has analyzed toothbrushes belonging to students who shared a bathroom with an average of nine people, and the findings are scary: 60 percent of the brushes had fecal bacteria, and there was an 80 percent chance that it came from someone else. Ewww... {The Cut}