Sephora Customers Protest With Mass Returns, and More Beauty News

The biggest beauty stories this week.
Michelle Villett
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The biggest beauty stories this week.

Sephora Shoppers Protest "Epic Rewards Day"

Sephora returns

So far, Sephora customers have returned thousands of dollars in merchandise to protest "Epic Rewards Day."

Sephora held an "Epic Rewards Day" last Monday, giving rewards program members a chance to spend their points on sample and specialty items. Problem is, supplies ran out within minutes, leaving many disappointed and angry. In protest, some decided to take advantage of the retailer's return policy, which allows even used items to be taken back. So far, shoppers have returned thousands of dollars worth of beauty products. {Consumerist}

Glambot Will Buy and Sell Your Used Makeup

Glambot founder Karen Horiuchi

Karen Horiuchi founded Glambot, which buys and sells used makeup online.

A new start-up company called Glambot is buying used makeup from people looking to offload their extras, and then cleaning it before selling it online. Products like mascara and lip gloss, which have reusable applicators, can't be sold, but items such as lipstick and blush go through a sanitation process that involves heat or alcohols to sterilize containers, and removing layers of product to get down to a fresh one. "To be honest, most of the makeup that comes in is barely touched," says founder Karen Horiuchi. {Business Insider}

Kylie Jenner is Creating a Lip Kit

Kylie Jenner Lip Kit

Kylie Jenner is launching a Lip Kit that will presumably include this chocolate brown lip pencil.

You knew this was coming! Now that the cat's out of the bag on her lip injections, Kylie Jenner announced she is working on lip makeup. Her forthcoming "Lip Kit" will bring the secrets of her signature over-lined lip look to the masses. {PopSugar}

"Tontouring" is the Latest Way to Contour


Tontouring is a new way of contouring using fake tan.

Just when we learned how to strobe, there's a new way to contour—and it involves using a variety of self-tanners to sculpt and define the face. The benefit over contour powders that wash off is that a single tontouring application can last up to a week. {Daily Mail}

The Squinch is the Next Selfie Trend

Karlie Kloss squinch

Karlie Kloss demonstrates the next trend in selfies: the squinch.

Everyone talks about duckface, but there have been many other selfie trends over the years, including the smize, the prune and the sparrow face. What's next? The squinch, which involves lifting and tightening your lower eyelids, and letting the top ones come down just a fraction, while also pursing your lips slightly. {Refinery 29}

Low-Fat Diets Better Than Low-Carb?

Low fat diet for weight loss

Science says cutting fat instead of carbs can lead to greater fat loss.

New research has concluded that low-fat diets are more effective than low-carb diets. Scientists tested two specific diets with the same overall number of calories: one in which 30 percent of calories were cut by eliminating carbohydrates while keeping fat intake the same, and the other the exact opposite, cutting fat while keeping carbs the same. The reduced fat diet resulted in greater fat loss. {The Washington Post}

Infiltrating MakeupAlley


MakeupAlley's message boards are overwhelming and exclusive.

The OG of beauty message boards, MakeupAlley, has been around since 1999. One writer infiltrated the community to discover the members are not just makeup-obsessed but also highly resistant to newcomers. {Racked}