A Harry Potter Lipstick Line Now Exists, and More Beauty News

The biggest beauty stories this week.
Michelle Villett
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The biggest beauty stories this week.

LA Splash Launches Harry Potter Lipsticks

Harry potter lipstick

Six of the 12 new Harry Potter-inspired lipsticks from LA Splash. (Photo: Kristyn Kibler)

LA Splash has released a Harry Potter-inspired line of liquid lipsticks in 12 shades. But some devoted fans think the name and colour combinations are seriously flawed. {The Independent}

A Mother and Daughter Get Matching Plastic Surgery

Mother daughter Katie Price plastic surgery

This mother-daughter duo got matching plastic surgery to look like Katie Price.

A mother and daughter in the UK have spent more than $86,000 of plastic surgery to look like their idol, British model Katie Price. The two have splurged on lip injections, Botox, cheek fillers, semi-permanent makeup, teeth whitening, hair extensions and boob jobs—and butt lifts are next. {People}

Scouted by Sephora Highlights Niche Brands

Sephora subscription box

Scouted by Sephora is a new way to discover niche brands.

Sephora has just launched Scouted by Sephora, a new initiative that will spotlight previously under-the-radar beauty products on the brand's website. A few brands you'll spot: Viseart, Tatcha, Juliette Has a Gun, Cinema Secrets and Skin Inc. {Bustle}

Lettuce is Overrated

Salad overrated

Salads without lettuce might be smarter.

Food for thought on lettuce: not only is it difficult to keep fresh, it also requires enormous amounts of water and labour to grow, provides zero nutritional value and is the chief culprit for foodborne illnesses. {Washington Post}

Mentality Nail Polish is Apparently Ruining People's Nails

Mentality Nail Polish

Some users of Mentality Nail Polish are experiencing nail lifting, redness and burning.

People are reporting that indie brand Mentality Nail Polish is destroying their nails. Products produced between April and June have led to nail lifting (onycholysis), redness and burning sensations. As a small batch manufacturer, the company is not obligated to perform the same ingredient testing as are larger manufacturers. {Jezebel}

Alternative Beauty Treatments are Booming in France

Alternative beauty treatments in France

Head to France for one of these alt beauty treatments.

The alternative beauty scene in France includes some pretty crazy treatments: anti-cellulite massages so intense they cause bruises, something called "head emptying" and tarot-card readings. {The New York Times}