What is the Best Long Hairstyle For Natural Waves?

"I want a long, low-maintenance haircut that will allow me to wear my natural waves."
Bill Angst
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"I want a long, low-maintenance haircut that will allow me to wear my natural waves."
Hair consultation - Isis

Isis wants a low-maintenance long haircut.

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Q: I want a long, low-maintenance haircut that will allow me to wear my natural waves. I have very thick hair, and a lot of it. It's in pretty good condition, not overly damaged, just a little dry. These pictures show my naturally wavy texture.

Hair consultation - Isis

Isis has naturally wavy, thick hair.

My hair was cut in a "V" shape with layers, and I don't like how it looks—especially the random short layer around my face. Do you have any ideas on what to do? Thanks for the advice. — Isis

Hair consultation - Isis

Isis doesn't love her "V"-shaped cut.

A: Isis, you have GORGEOUS hair. The colour is stellar as well.

I'm not sure where the random short piece is in the front, so I cannot address that question.

If one was to want a "V" shape in the back of long, curly hair, it can be a good way to distribute the weight so that it is not too bottom-heavy.

This is a great example of this shape, with an appropriate amount of layers to allow for looser waves and curls:

V-shaped long haircut

Long, layered, "V"-shaped haircut.

This is an all-one-length cut, which is more predictable for everyday control. This looks great with healthy long hair:

Long one-length waves

Long, all-one-length waves.

This is an example of a length and parting option that I recommend for you, with or without layers:

Minka Kelly, Salvatore Ferragamo Resort 2012 show

Minka Kelly at the Salvatore Ferragamo Resort 2012 show.

I would suggest a slightly rounded shape at the back of your hair for this one.

If you are feeling more daring, this is a very layered cut with random waves, which are not predictable from day to day:

Long layered haircut

Long, layered haircut for wavy hair.

The side-swept bang and part are quite youthful.

This is a great cut to diminish volume, and is easier to wear up without the extra weight.

PS: Please don't colour your hair.


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