How to Style Long, Wavy, Frizzy Hair

Keep it smooth and balanced.
Bill Angst
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Keep it smooth and balanced.
How to style long, wavy, frizzy hair

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Q: Hi Bill. Saying hi from Michigan! I'm wondering what I could do to make my hair suit me better. This is my hair in its natural state. 

Hair consultation - Cristina

Cristina is looking for a more flattering hairstyle.

I basically never do anything to it besides straighten it once in a while. It is is naturally somewhere between curly and wavy, about medium thickness, and it gets frizzy really easily. 

For seven years, I dyed it bright red (but never bleached it), but I stopped that last year. Now, it's my natural near-black colour on top, but a faded reddish brown as it goes towards the bottom. Like an accidental Ombré.

Hair consultation - Cristina

Cristina's natural hair texture is wavy-to-curly and medium thick.

I feel like the cut I have now isn't the most flattering it could be. I'm also considering colour, too, as I prefer warmer reds and browns to my natural colour. Oh, and I still can't get this frizz under control. I appreciate any advice you can give me. Thank you so much! — Cristina

Hair consultation - Cristina

Cristina prefers warm red and brown hair colours.

A: Cristina, thank you for your requests.

First, the frizz—a common problem with wavy and curly hair. Each head of hair has different needs in controlling this problem with products and styling tools.

Since you have a perfect wave naturally, my suggestion is to use a styling cream. 

Coat all of your hair from roots to ends. Comb it through with your head upside down. Stay in this position and scrunch dry with a diffuser, until your hair is very dry.

Do not run your fingers through to separate the curls. This will bring back the frizz. Instead, ruffle the roots only.

I would suggest a part closer to the centre to more evenly distribute the weight of your hair:

Julia Roberts, Mirror Mirror premiere, 2012

Julia Roberts at the 2012 premiere of 'Mirror Mirror'.

It will frame your face better if you have an equal amount of hair on both sides of your face.

This off-centre part will do the same balancing act, but add long layers and long bangs for a little bit of height:

Christina Milian, General Motors TEN event, 2007

Christina Milian at the General Motors TEN event in 2007.

This would be so pretty on you. My fave...

Instead of an all-over warm colour, an application like this shows off the movement of the waves:

Subtle highlights in brown hair

Subtle highlights in dark brown hair.

Solid colour often shows off the silhouette of the hair, but with this style, you can see the depth and the subtext of the hair, making it more alluring.

Keep it long for sure. Not everyone has such a beautiful natural wave… it is flaunt-worthy!


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