What is the Best Way To Grow Out a Bad Haircut?

"After bleaching it and dyeing it red, I had to have loads of it chopped off."
Bill Angst
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"After bleaching it and dyeing it red, I had to have loads of it chopped off."
How to grow out a bad haircut

Want your own hair consultation from celebrity hairstylist Bill Angst? Send at least TWO well-lit, preferably hi-res photos of you (one close-up, one full-body) with a brief description of your hair texture, colour and main hair challenges to info@beautyeditor.ca with “Bill Angst Hair Consultation” in the subject line.

Q: I have naturally straight, fine blonde hair which was always quite long and in pretty good condition. 

Hair consultation - Laura

Laura's naturally healthy, "never-should-have-messed-with-it" hair.

After bleaching it and then subsequently dyeing it red, I had to have loads of it chopped off. I miss the length so, so, so much! 

Hair consultation - Laura

Laura during her brief red hair period.

I have vowed never to dye it again. It's pretty much back to normal health (thank God!), but I think the bangs I have at the moment are making my face look too round. I sometimes wear clip-ins, but they irritate me. 

Hair consultation - Laura

Laura's current hairstyle.

Could you suggest a cut that would make my face look less round, and something exciting that would make me feel better about having lost so much length? Thanks! — Laura

A: Laura, thank you for your request for this consultation.

Yes, your natural hair is really beautiful—and yes, best to leave naturally gorgeous hair alone.

The grass may seem greener on the other side of the fence, and so might red hair… I know when we are young, experimenting is so much fun.

But our hair changes throughout our lives, and you will never get it back to the same colour or condition again after this long process. Sorry to be the bearer of these bad words, but everyone should learn from this.

If you do not have naturally beautiful hair, then go ahead and play all you want. I love hair colour when it is appropriate and is needed to enhance, not to take away natural beauty.

So here we are with your start-up kit to get you back to your long, luscious locks.

This is an example of a softer bang that will make it easier to wear forward and to sweep to the side.

Brittany Murphy, Puma Bodywear launch party, 2004

Brittany Murphy at the 2004 Puma Bodywear launch party.

Work your way up to this length: 

Emma Stone, CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund Awards, 2012

Emma Stone at the 2012 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards.

And start using a wand or curling iron to add more texture:

Emma Stone, Be Amazing Stand Up and Volunteer Event, 2012

Emma Stone at the 2012 Be Amazing, Stand Up & Volunteer event.

Then wearing this straight, and you should be back to your lovely long locks shortly after this...

Emma Stone, The Amazing Spider-Man London premiere, 2012

Emma Stone at the 2012 London premiere of 'The Amazing Spider-Man'.


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