7 Reasons You Should Follow Beautyeditor on Snapchat

Products! Beauty mail! Brutally honest first impressions!
Michelle Villett
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Products! Beauty mail! Brutally honest first impressions!
Snapchat Beauty Editor

Beautyeditor is on Snapchat! (What does that number even mean??)

Whenever I meet up with my fellow beauty editors these days, everyone is on Snapchat—including me! 

I may be a late adopter, and I still don't fully understand it, but I actually think I love Snapchat now. Are you on it? 

Unlike Twitter (which I'm toooo wordy for) and Instagram (where there's so much pressure to be perfect and stylized), Snapchat lets me capture little snippets of my day and quickly, easily share them with you. 

My username is @beauty_editor, and here's what's happening over there. Let's be friends! 

1. Daily Beauty Mail

Snapchat Lisa Eldridge Palette

The new Lancôme Auda(city) in Paris palette, designed by Lisa Eldridge.

Snapchat Shu Uemura

New cleansing oils from the Kye for Shu Uemura collab.

Snapchat Lancome Cushions

Lancôme's new colour-correcting cushions.

One of the things a beauty editor does almost every single workday is attend to her beauty mail. Or at least I have to, because I get A LOT of mail. Ninety-five percent of it, I don't even ask for ("call in"), mind you—it's just standard for this business that brands will maintain a media list, and send out samples every time they launch something. On most days, there could be anywhere from five to 10 bags full of product. But to be clear, I've been getting beauty mail from way back in my magazine days, so it's just normal to me. I NEVER blog about things just because I got them free, because... I get almost everything free. (Don't be jealous; beauty products don't pay the rent.)

Anyway! Snapchat is an awesome way for me to share the mail-opening process with you. I actually really like opening mail, or as the kids call it these days, "unboxing." Every day is different; you never know if you're gonna get Lancôme palettes or random Paleo toothpaste (true story).

2. First Impressions

Snapchat Beautycounter Foundation

On the fence about this Beautycounter foundation.

While I'm opening up my beauty mail on Snapchat, I'm also giving you my VERY HONEST first impressions. Don't you feel like beauty blogs are becoming more fake and corporate these days? Like, bloggers seem to love everything these brands are putting out? I guess I'm cynical, or have been doing this too long, but I think most of the products that arrive at Beautyeditor HQ are pretty mediocre.

Said products will never see the light of day on this blog, because I only have limited time and I'd rather spend it recommending you things that are great than pick apart dimethicone-based moisturizers and bog standard makeup. (And we all know what happened last time I did that.) 

So that's a big reason I like Snapchat—it lets me share my immediate thoughts on the packaging, texture, colours, scent and most importantly, ingredients. 

3. Ingredient Rants

Snapchat PUFA oils

Sorry Beautycounter, but I'm not putting this on my face.

Speaking of ingredients... Snapchat is where I call brands out when they use things that are unsafe, irritating or just not doing our skin any favours. The other day, I snapped a pseudo-natural serum that had alcohol denat as one of the first ingredients (WTF?). Everything is swimming in silicones. And I absolutely hate when brands play tricks with us, such as declaring their shampoo "SLS-free," only to discover SLES in the ingredients list. I mean, technically they are right, but come on.

Another issue you probably know I'm a crazy person about is spreading awareness of the dangers of PUFA oils (polyunsaturated oils), above. There's a whole article about that over here, but in a nutshell... You know how they warn us not to cook with certain oils because of oxidization? Well, they're also oxidizing when you put them on your face, and that is aging. But these cheap oils are so prevalent in beauty...

I would love to see people become a little bit more ingredient-aware and discerning, so we can hold these brands to a higher standard. This is why I do mini-Snapchat ingredient education!

4. Behind the Scenes

Snapchat Hourglass

At a meeting with Hourglass founder Carisa Janes.

Snapchat Beautycounter

At the Canadian launch of Beautycounter.

Snapchat Angst Salon

Hanging out with Bill Angst at Angst Salon.

When I manage to leave the blog/house, you can often find me at press events—another staple of the beauty editor's workday. Brands will hold events when they are launching new products or have some VIP interesting person in town for interviews; or sometimes, they'll just meet with editors one-on-one ("desksides") to walk us through their news. Less frequently, they will invite us on press trips (almost always to NYC), but I usually decline those. (Been there, done that as a magazine editor, and I feel unethical blogging about something just because I got a free trip. You guys deserve more integrity than that. And I deserve more $$$ than that, haha! Better to just have clearly marked sponsored content, I think.)

I do go to local events whenever I can. Although I'm more one to live in the moment and not document everything, I'm getting in the habit now of snapping you guys some behind-the-scenes footage, so you know exactly what it's like to be at these things. Sometimes their commitment to a theme is really impressive!

I also snapped this vid of Angst Salon, home of the inimitable Bill Angst, who you all know very well from the reader hair consultations! (He's still doing them BTW, just having laptop failure.)

5. Friends and Editors

Snapchat Caitlin

Beauty editor Caitlin Kenny.

Snapchat Kristen

Beauty editor Kristen Vinakmens.

You might see some of my fellow beauty eds show up in my Snap, such as these two (my current and former editors at FLARE). It's interesting... there is still kind of a "divide" between magazine journalists and bloggers/Instagramers/YouTubers, and you really notice it at these media events. I straddle both worlds, as does Janine. Anyway, I literally see these folks multiple times a week, every week, and have done so for the last five or 10 years. My people!

6. What I'm Wearing

Snapchat RMS Beauty

Well-loved RMS Beauty products, plus a Maybelline Brow Drama.

I always get emails from you guys asking for product recommendations and what I REALLY love. I think it's so important that I share those with you as well—and not solely focus on new launches, because the incessant beauty brand marketing calendar can be a bit of a beast that sucks you in. Just because something is new doesn't necessarily mean it's better!

So head to my Snapchat and I'll periodically share what I'm wearing (not clothing though... you don't want to see that). One of the brands that I truly adore—that can do no wrong in my book—is RMS Beauty.

7. Dancers! (Sometimes)

Snapchat Heather Ogden

Meeting Heather Ogden, principal dancer with the National Ballet of Canada. Thank you Nexxus!

Snapchat K-Pop Dancers

K-pop dance troupe Havoc Dance Crew at a Shu Uemura event.

Inexplicably, there's been a lot of dancing on my Snapchat lately—and how could I not share that?! A recent career/life highlight was watching a performance by the National Ballet of Canada at the opera house, courtesy of Nexxus, and then getting to meet principal dancer Heather Ogden. At today's Shu Uemura event—up on Snapchat RIGHT NOW—we were treated to a K-pop dance performance by Toronto's Havoc Dance Crew. Sometimes this job is pretty freakin' cool.

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