How To Stop Your Hair From Flipping Up at the Ends

Why it's happening and what to do about it.
Bill Angst
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Why it's happening and what to do about it.
How to stop hair flipping up at the ends

Welcome to our Ask Beautyeditor column, where our experts answer your hair, skin and makeup questions. To request an online hair consultation from celebrity hairstylist Bill Angst:

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  • Briefly describe your hair texture, colour and main hair challenges.

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Q: I'm open to any suggestions for a colour and cut. I have pale skin with green eyes, and my hair is fine and frizzy, with an uneven natural curl that I straighten with a round brush everyday. 

Hair consultation - Carey

Carey currently dyes her hair auburn.

My hair colour is currently auburn, but my natural colour is a mousy brown. I would like to transition to a lighter hair colour with highlights.

Hair consultation - Carey

Carey would like a lighter hair colour with highlights.

Hair consultation - Carey

Carey is looking for a colour that will suit her pale skin and green eyes.

My biggest complaint is that my hair does not always hold its style. Whether I dry it straight or so that it curls under, it will flip up at the bottom regardless. Thank you — Carey

Hair consultation - Carey

Carey doesn't like how her hair flips up at the ends.

A: Carey, thank you for your request for a consultation.

I'm sorry you are not happy with your flippy hair. I happen to find it very attractive on you. It does wonders for your jawline, as it indents at a great place to frame your face.

That said, if you are dead set against it, the only way to get rid of it—with your current method of styling—is to cut your hair above your shoulders. When it hits the shoulders, it's game over… the flip happens.

There is no guarantee that it will behave itself at a shorter length, but this cut would suit you:

Martina McBride, American Music Awards 2003

Martina McBride at the 2003 American Music Awards.

Alternatively, if you went with your natural curls, you could pump up the volume with the aid of a curling iron. This way of styling would not cause the flip at your current length. Round brush blow-drying brings on the flip.

Maggie Gyllenhaal curly long bob

Maggie Gyllenhaal's curly long bob.

Fine, curly hair does not take bleach highlights very well, and they can be super drying. A richer solid colour like this would be your best bet:

Amy Adams, LACMA Art and Film Gala, 2013

Amy Adams at the 2013 LACMA Art + Film Gala.

It would be so pretty on you. However, I know that when a woman wants highlights, she wants highlights…

Here is the addition of highlights done with a lighter shade of colour, not bleach:

Emma Stone, Teen Choice Awards 2011

Emma Stone at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards.

This technique will serve you well. If you go for the shorter cut idea, then go ahead and use bleach. It will take less time to grow out and cut off the damaged hair.

I hope this helps in your quest for great hair.


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