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“Happy girls are the prettiest.”—Audrey Hepburn.

Hi, I’m Michelle. Welcome to BeautyEditor.ca! If you’re looking for tips, tricks, news and how-tos to help you look and feel more beautiful, then you’re in the right place. This site is all about sharing beauty know-how—but in a nice, non-obsessive way (because obsessive people are boring). Whether it’s telling you about an OMGamazing new lipstick, showing you how to wear a runway hairdo in real life, or revealing the tips we snagged from a top derm, we want you to think of us like a trusted friend… who just happens to have a bit of an insider connection. And did I mention fun? Because we’re all about that too.

About the editor

I’ve been writing about beauty—with a little bit of health on the side—since the mid-2000s. (Eeks! Just felt a new wrinkle form as I wrote that.) Previously, I was beauty and health editor at ELLE Canada; before that, beauty editor at The Look; and before that, I was probably applying my eyeliner all wrong. I’ve written (and still write) for a large number of publications, including ELLE CanadaThe Globe and MailFLARECanadian LivingChatelaineFASHIONToronto LifeToday’s Parent and Best Health, and have appeared as a guest on CosmoTV, Canada AM and Breakfast Television.

What all of this means for YOU is that I’ve reviewed boatloads of beauty products; interviewed dozens of beauty experts; and played guinea pig myself by testing everything from fat-blasting lasers to de-bloating body wraps. (I have to say, the body treatments are always the weirdest.) So I guess you could say I’ve picked up a few things along the way… even though I’m just a regular girl like you, fighting with my curling iron in the morning.

About beautyeditor

Founded by Michelle Villett, BeautyEditor.ca is one of Canada’s top-tier beauty destinations. Since its launch in 2009, the site has attracted millions of visitors and partnered with businesses such as Procter & Gamble, L’Oréal, Coty, Unilever, Beiersdorf, Kimberley-Clark, The Bay, Clarins and Shoppers Drug Mart. The site has also been featured by publications such as ELLE Canada, The Huffington PostBest Health and Glow, and on CosmoTV. In 2010, BeautyEditor.ca was chosen as the country’s best fashion or beauty blog at the prestigious P&G Beauty & Grooming Awards, and was a runner-up for the same distinction in 2011.

Meet the team

Come get to know our talented contributors!

A quick word on ethics: We’ll always explicitly disclose when a company has paid for sponsored content. However, the vast majority of the beauty products and services that we mention in our editorial coverage are sent to us free of charge (spoiled much?). That said, due to the sheer volume of samples we receive for consideration, “free” doesn’t at all sway our opinion—we only feature the products that truly stand out.