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Beautyeditor Michelle

Beautyeditor is all about improving your skin and embracing your natural beauty. I share tips, guides, inspiration and product recommendations.

Welcome! I'm Michelle—a beauty expert and independent health researcher with more than a decade of experience studying skincare and nutrition. I founded Beautyeditor in 2009, and before that, I was the beauty and health editor at Elle Canada. I’ve also contributed to many of the top publications in Canada, including The Globe and Mail, ELLE Canada, Flare, Fashion and Chatelaine. (You can read a small selection of my past magazine features here.)

If you're looking for credible information about what REALLY works and why, I can help! Over the years, I've interviewed dozens of dermatologists, nutritionists, estheticians and cosmetic chemists. I've researched ingredients and scientific studies. And I've tried countless beauty products, gadgets and services myself. 

What To Expect From This Website

I regularly write in-depth informational articles about how to improve your skin, take care of your hair and refine your makeup application. Underlying causes are a big deal to me, so in addition to product suggestions, I cite independent health research, when relevant. Topicals can only do so much, therefore it’s critical to understand the physiological conditions that lead to issues such as acne and premature aging. When I do talk about products, you can bet I've examined the ingredient labels closely for safety and quality.

What I'm NOT here to do is convince you that you "need" to get whatever lipstick or palette is launching this week. While I do share product information, I'm not about pushing products. As anyone who reads here knows, I tend to recommend certain products over and over again—because they work!

I welcome questions, some of which may be featured in my Ask Beautyeditor column. If I don’t know the answer, I probably know an expert who does! This is how you can contact me—keep in mind that I'm usually able to answer Twitter inquiries the most quickly. 

My hairstylist, the inimitable Bill Angst, is also still doing free online hair consultations on a first come, first served basis. There is a waiting list, so please be patient.

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