Baby Quasar Plus Red Light Therapy Device

This light therapy device may be cute and compact—but behind its petite exterior lies a wrinkle-reducing powerhouse that delivers mega-sized results. The most advanced anti-wrinkle beauty tool available for home use, it’s designed to specifically target crow’s feet. Featuring C-Factor technology that combines amber, red and infrared lights, this safe, natural solution allows you to achieve pro-quality results in just six minutes a day, three times a week.

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Comment Avatar huweyuk
Wednesday, August 7/2013 at 2:33 am

it looks nice and I sometimes sing into it. I bought red and blue for Sis as she has touch of skin problems. After a couple of months she asked if I’d like to have a go and see if it did anything. Nothing. Philips laser is OK but can’t use it if have lasers in derma-wotsits – which are much better. But I would recommend it. Official 2mm derma roller is like having a butterfly flutter around your face. Need at least 1mm to still achieve nothing. Has good feedback for full strength in derma shop but I think people are just impressed by the blood. I just got an exfoiation device which is useless. A cream is better and about £200 cheaper. I’ll need a device for blinking soon. No doubt Dr Perricone has one up his sleeve – $4,000 and absorbs your $300 eyelid creme up to 87% more intensificationally. Includes, for no reason, DMAE, HYalauronic acid, Alpha-lipoic acid and hydrochloric acid as does everything else I make but I somehow manage to make you buy 20 tiny pots of the same crap every month. Kerching!! And back to the very weak red light thing, it can’t penetrate anywhere near enough to do anything at all – maybe try pointing it directly into your eye for 4 hours. You might feel a tingle. See ya babe!!x

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