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Editor's Pick: Ageless Anti-Age Perfume

It knocks 12 years off your age.
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What it is: A tropical, fruity-floral scent that can make you seem 8 to 12 years younger.

What it does: Sometimes I hear about a new beauty product and really wish I'd thought of it first. That's the case with this new fragrance, which apparently knocks up to 12 years off your age.

How the heck does it do that, you say? Well, it's no secret that the fragrance tastes of teenage girls are usually radically different to 40-something women. New York-based Harvey Prince & Co., the makers of this fragrance, decided to find out whether men can peg our age group based on our fragrance choices. They commissioned clinical trials to find out which scents evoke maturity and which suggest youth. And no surprises here: Rose got the thumbs down (I've posted before about its old-lady factor), but pink grapefruit, mango, pomegranate, jasmine and musk (all found in Ageless, by the way) were considered youthful. So much so, that wearers were perceived as 8 to 12 years younger.

The company also says Ageless counters something called "noneal," which is a body chemical people naturally produce as they age and a result of the breakdown in fatty acids in the skin. Nice. Now I'm going to have to add that to my list of future beauty worries: crow's feet, freak gray hairs... noneal!?

Anyway, I have to admit, I do like this. But that's likely because I find most big-name scents way too heavy and cloying, so my tastes are probably more in line with the typical 15-year-old. Which is probably exactly what they were going for, come to think of it.

Best suited for: Anti-aging fanatics, fruity-floral lovers... or teenagers.

Priced at $98 for 100 mL. Available exclusively at The Bay.