Editor's Pick: Benefit CORALista

Wake up your complexion.
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Wake up your complexion.

What it is: A complexion-brightening coral-pink powder.

What it does: Ask any beauty expert to name her favourite products, and five bucks says NARS Orgasm will show up on the list. I'm no different, of course—the universally-flattering, peachy-pink blush is a cult favourite for a reason—but I feel like it's stealing the spotlight from some other, equally worthy contenders. Like this new powder blush from Benefit. It's in the same colour family as Orgasm, but without all that shimmer, so it's a touch more subtle for broad daylight. And though it looks like a more concentrated coral, it goes on fairly sheer—just make sure you swap out the silly flat brush it comes with for a proper blush brush like this one from EcoTools (it's amazing!). Alas, I'm not crazy about the floral scent, but nobody said formulating beauty products was easy.

Priced at $35 each. Available at Holt Renfrew, Sephora and Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutiques across Canada.