Let's Stop and Admire Jessica Biel's Flawless Skin

No wonder she's Revlon's newest face.
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No wonder she's Revlon's newest face.

I've always described Jessica Biel as handsome. (Does it sound weird to use the "always" in that sentence? As if discussing Jessica Biel's appearance on a very regular basis is a normal thing to do? Clearly, I've been working in beauty too long. This is what we do.) Anyway, it's not that she's not attractive. But there's a definite masculinity there that I can't quite place my finger on. Speaking in Hepburn terms, she's definitely a Katherine, not an Audrey.

When it comes to the red carpet, I often think Jess would rather be hanging at a sports bar instead of posing in heels and a gown. I suspect she's one of those celebs who are downright lost without their stylists—although she should definitely fire whoever she's working with these days. Did anyone see the disastrous shoes she wore at the Oscars? FAIL!

But back to beauty. (I do have a point, I promise!) Poor Jess has one amazing quality that I think makes up for her lack of fashion savvy. Girlfriend's got GREAT skin. I made this pic big so y'all can see it close up. (It's from last week's Cartier 100th Anniversary in America Celebration in New York.) This is an untouched paparazzi shot, and as you can see, she's flawless.

Incidentally, Revlon announced last week that Jessica is their newest face. Coincidence? I think not.