Mandy Moore, Woman of 1,000 Hairstyles

Her greatest hair hits.
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Her greatest hair hits.

Do you have a Hair Icon? For me, it's Mandy Moore all the way. Whenever I'm looking for a photo of a hairstyle I'd like to try, my go-to is Mandy—because chances are, she's already done it.

It really is staggering, once you start Googling, to see the number of different cuts and colours the new Mrs. Ryan Adams has tried over the years. At right, my absolute favourite—and what I asked my colourist to achieve this weekend. We didn't go quite that red, mainly because of my paranoid fear of obvious roots, but next time I'll probably dial it up a notch. Baby steps. I'm coveting Mandy's bangs here too, but that's a whole other story. I'm still growing out a hatchet-job from over a year ago that left me looking something like this, so I'm hesitant to take scissors to them again. Yes, there's a lot of fear involved with me and a trip to the hairdresser.

Mandy, however, is totally fearless when it comes to her locks. So in her honour, I pulled together this short retrospective. Save and print for your next trip to the hair salon!

Mandy first burst on to the scene with blonde, flat-ironed hair. Very late '90s.


Later, she went curly, in a Pop Princess circa 2001 sort of way:


But we didn't really take notice of Mandy until she dramatically chopped it all off and went darker. (Unfortunately, she also loaded up on the fake tan.)


This bobbed style is cute as a button:


This might be the only Mandy style that I'm not a fan of. It just says TV anchorwoman, not stylish celebrity...


LOVE this auburn shade:


Mandy looks Bardot-esque in this '60s-style 'do:


Could this long and straight style be any sexier?


Almost-black hair looks dramatic and sultry:


This is a classic, medium-length cut that can easily look boring, but somehow Mandy pulls it off in style:


Pretty sure this blonde, California-chick look came courtesy of extensions, but it still looks cute...


This side-parted, honey-coloured bob is Mandy's latest style—although who knows, that could change tomorrow!