Editor's Pick: Lise Watier Eye Shine in Bleu Lagoon

Your summer eyeliner, sorted.
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Your summer eyeliner, sorted.

What it is: A budge-proof liner in the ultimate summery shade.

What it does: I thought blue eyeliner was best left in the '80s, until I had my makeup done by the delightful Andrea Claire a couple of years back. I was working on a story for FASHION on where to go for beauty lessons (whether for makeup, brows or hairstyling), and discovered that she offered makeup lessons out of her home. (Sadly, that's no longer the case, since she fell in love and moved to Singapore. Boo!) Anyway, at the time not only did she help me sort through all my makeup—I lugged it there so she could tell me what to keep and what to toss—but she also gave me insanely pretty eye makeup that included, yes, blue eyeliner.

I can't remember exactly how she did it, but it involved first lining the eyes like so with a darker black or brown liner. (That's what we, in beauty-speak, call "grounding" it.) Then, on the bottom lids only, she layered the blue just underneath the dark liner—something I never in a million years would have thought to try myself. But I've used this trick again and again, and it's truly the best way to wear coloured liner without looking freakishly overdone. And of course, this Lise Watier liner is the perfect one to use, because it's waterproof, has a hint of metallic and can be worn day or night. Just pack it away after, say, mid-September.

Priced at $16. Available at drugstores and mass-market retailers across Canada.