Editor's Pick: Nuxe Touche Prodigieuse

A makeup bag must-have.
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A makeup bag must-have.

There are a lot of things I attribute to my mostly Scottish heritage:

(a) a love for plaid,

(b) a tendency towards thriftiness (whereby I'm compelled to head straight for the sale racks whenever I'm clothes shopping), and

(c) the blotchiest, ruddiest complexion imaginable.

Obviously (a) and (b) are manageable—maybe even desirable—but (c) is a problem.

That's why I don't leave the house without some form of redness-reducing concealer in my bag for emergency touch-ups (usually around the nose and mouth). I just started using Nuxe's new Touche Prodigieuse, a "complexion multi-perfecting retouch brush."

Translation: it's sorta like YSL's legendary Touche Éclat in that it conceals, brightens AND highlights. I like Nuxe's chubbier brush, though (could be because I, er, have more to cover). I also like that it's non-comedogenic and doesn't contain mineral oil. Most importantly, it does a damn good job of toning down my Rudolph tendencies.

Priced at $35 each. Available at The Bay stores and drugstores across Canada.