How to Apply Eyeshadow as Liner

For a longer-lasting application.
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For a longer-lasting application.

As a beauty editor, you're often fielding offers to get your makeup done, as a way to "experience" whatever new makeup collection is launching. After several applications gone wrong—let's just say more than a few so-called "artists" wanted to display their entire collections on my face—I established a general rule of always going DIY. (Similar to my no-free-haircuts or colours rule, which I actually broke recently, but thankfully, with good results. More on that soon!)

Anyway, I've made a couple of exceptions with the makeup rule for some truly excellent artists that I thought I could learn something from. And I did:

Takeaway #1 was that I should always line my eyes in navy blue, instead of black. Why? It's less hard-looking but equally stunning, and I dare say adds a bit of je ne sais quoi to your look. (Black is so predictable, no?)

Point #2 that I picked up: use eyeshadow, not liner, for a longer-lasting application. One I'm liking right now is L’Oréal Paris's new HIP High Intensity Pigments Metallic Eyeshadow Duo in Magnetic. The label doesn't say it's waterproof, but it might as well be: this didn't crease on me like 99% of all other eyeshadows. (The label DOES say it's metallic, but if it's there, it's verrrrry subtle.)

You should also know about tip #3: apply it with a damp, angled brush. I spritz mine with an Evian atomiser (because I'm obnoxious like that), but you could also just pass it under running tap water and then pat it dry with a tissue. Either way, the dampness makes it easier to apply and is supposed to make the colour deeper and longer-lasting, too.