The Crazy Brows and Slightly Less Crazy Hair at Alexander Wang Spring 2010

Don't take this too literally.
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Don't take this too literally.

Since I started focusing on the beauty and health beats in my magazine writing, I don't pretend to know much about fashion anymore. But I do know this: apparently seats at Alexander Wang's show were some of the most coveted of the season.

(Sad admission: I got that fact via Lainey Gossip, who reports that our very own Rachel McAdams sat next to Anna Wintour. Apparently a cover may be in the works, to coincide with Rachel's role in the upcoming Sherlock Holmes movie. Go Rachel!)

I'm not going to comment on the clothes, since that's not my thing, but I AM going to comment on the beauty look.


Now, from this pic, everything looks pretty normal, right? (Well, aside from what looks like two triangular cut-outs that line up right under her, uh, nipples. But oops! I said I wasn't going to comment on the fashion.)

Here's the close-up:


Now I'm all for good eyebrow grooming, but this is taking the concept of an eyebrow brush too far, no? I suppose we can re-interpret this for the street by simply combing our brows upward with a nifty little product like Benefit's Speed Brow—I'd probably trim, though, if my brows started sticking up like this lady's.


The rest of the makeup is really blah, but I'm sort of digging the hair. It's likely achieved here with extensions, but if you've got hair that's past your shoulders, you could do a slightly shorter version. I love the messiness of it, but maybe that's because I wouldn't need any hair products to get my hair to do this. Score!