The Subtly Shimmery Makeup at Carolina Herrera Spring 2010

Do try this at home.
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Do try this at home.

Boy, am I ever glad we're not living in the early-noughties anymore. Don't you look back at what we used to wear in 2003, 2004, and think—God, how tacky? One of my biggest pet hates is all that shimmer and glitter we used to wear. As in, lips, cheeks and eyes—and not tiny little shimmer fragments, these were like giant crystals! Paired with those J.Lo-style fake tans and bleached-out blonde hair, who did we think we were, Vegas showgirls?

(I hope you know what I'm talking about... otherwise, if that was just me, then this is pretty embarrassing.)

Of course, a touch—just a TOUCH—of shine is nice. It's pretty. It makes your skin glow, your lips look 22.47% bigger*, and shaves AT LEAST five years off your age*.

*Totally accurate statistics, of course.

May I present to you Shine Done Right? This is from Carolina Herrera the other day. Here's the head to toe:


And here's the close-up:


Gorgeous, right?

This is totally achievable at home. Looks like two different shades of shimmery shadow—one a soft brown for contouring the lid and then a white one for around the inner corners. I LOVE how the shimmer is extended all the way up the lid—something I often do with this product from Dior (in beige), which I can't recommend enough. Notice the subtle black, slightly winged-out eyeliner on the upper lash line.


I like how the lips look moist but not glossy. (I'm kinda over that super-high shine gloss look now anyway.) Probably done with a creamy, semi-matte lipstick, blotted a few times.

As for hair—it needs to be like this, just pulled back simply. With all the shine happening on the eye, big hair would just be too much.