The White Eyeshadow at Donna Karan Spring 2010

Surprisingly wearable.
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Surprisingly wearable.

I can still remember the day when white eye shadow finally clicked for me. See, I wasn't a girl who grew up really experimenting with makeup—at least not outside the confines of my own home. Maybe it was just the university I went to, but if you so much as wore a skirt to class one day, you'd get weird looks from everyone. Crazy makeup? Definitely frowned upon.

Not long after I graduated, I found myself in one of those nightclubs where the bathroom is like some magical oasis complete with makeup artist, hairstylist, etc. (More fun than being on the dance floor, in fact.) And this is where I first found out what white eye shadow can do for your eyes. It's an old standby makeup artist trick: apply a dab at the inner corners of the eyes, and they'll pop like crazy. I think I busted out that look every time I went out for the next three years.

Now it's nice to see a new twist on how to wear white shadow, at Donna Karan.

Here's the head to toe:


And the close-up:


Isn't it cool to see such an opaque white all over the lid? (Well not all over—just from the lash line to the crease.) The grey dress would have looked lovely with a regular black liner, but the white is so much more modern and cool. It's almost like a reverse 1960s eye, with the shadow sort of winged out at the outer corners. And true to form, doesn't this make her eyes look all bright and wide awake?

Best worn, of course, with not much else happening on the face—just great skin with some peachy-pink blush and maybe some lip balm.

Not sure what, exactly, is happening with the hair—possibly a faux bob? I don't love those, but I do like the smoothness and simplicity, which again keeps the focus on the eyes.