The Rainbow Eye Makeup at Derek Lam Spring 2010

Best left on the runway.
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Best left on the runway.

You've heard of the expression "Business in the front, party in the back"—yes? (If not, take a gander at this here site and you'll get the picture.)

Well, based on the hair and makeup at Derek Lam, it's got a new interpretation: "Business on the top, party on the eyelids."

Ah yes, the '80s are back—SO THEY TELL US. And yet, if you look at the hair, it says sweet, office-appropriate, almost '40s-esque curls. What the devil is going on here?

Let's take a look at the full-body shot:


Totally cute (although that's a scandalously short little frock there). Now the close-up:


First off all, kudos for pushing the envelope with this crazy rainbow eye. I do totally respect that. Hey, it's fashion!

BUT. No woman in her right mind who is not (a) absolutely, flawlessly drop-dead gorgeous AND (b) under age 25 is going to be able to wear this. Ahhh fashion.

So how do we do this? We take inspiration. We wear one, at most two different eyeshadow colours. (Use three bright ones like the gal here and you're entering Crazy Town.) We swipe a touch of turquoise liner under our eyes. We rock some mauve shadow from lash line to crease.

And most importantly of all—we don't wear much else on our face. (See? Even the makeup artists on this show knew enough to leave the lips and cheeks alone.)

As for the hair: it's gorgeous, but I'm old school—I'd probably pair it with more traditional makeup instead of this rainbow action. Looks like it was moussed within an inch of its life, curled all over with a flat iron, teased and tousled and then pinned up. That's all I've got.