The Matte Lips and Big Bows at Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2010

I'll take the makeup and leave the hair accessories.
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I'll take the makeup and leave the hair accessories.

Here's a beauty equation for you: What the red lip is to fall is what the fuchsia lip is to spring. That is, essential.

I love me some bold lip—especially when it's done like this one at Marc by Marc Jacobs.

(Confession: Marc had me worried for a while there, what with the downright scary faces in his Marc Jacobs show, which happened before this one. Powdered-white skin with clownish brows and lips. Frightening, I tell you. In the next few months, they'll be showing up as "beauty don'ts" in magazines around the world... trust.)

Thankfully, Marc redeemed himself—at least from a beauty POV—with this look. 

For real life, I'd probably swap it out for a cute, Blair Waldorf-style hairband.

But I'm definitely all over this makeup. And how EASY would this be? Nothing on the eyes save a lick of mascara, no blush... just gorgeous matte skin and a matte fuchsia lip. For the skin, may I suggest Giorgio Armani's Lasting Silk Foundation? (Armani foundations are generally considered by makeup artists to be THE BEST—I can remember when I used to do beauty shoots at a magazine I once worked for and they'd always mysteriously go missing...)


As for the lip, I'm partial to NARS for bold colours, and I think Schiap (a semi-matte) is just about the ultimate hot pink.