Drew Barrymore's Two-Toned Hair at TIFF 2010

Yep, I saw it in person.
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Yep, I saw it in person.

As I mentioned here, I was lucky enough to attend the premiere of Whip It earlier this week (thanks, P&G Beauty!). It was one of those evenings where you think: "God, I love this job." Cocktails, complimentary hair and makeup touch-ups, car service to the event and Drew Barrymore herself as the MC. Oh, and the movie was pretty fab too.

But let's dissect Drew's new look. As you may have heard, she's currently sporting a blonde lob (that's beauty slang for "long bob"!) with jet black ends. Kinda like she just dipped it in a big 'ol bottle of hair dye. Yeah, I don't get it either.

Still, Drew is cuteness personified, so I hate to hate on her, you know? I just wanted to give her a jar of Pantene deep conditioner, or something (hey, she's the face of CoverGirl—another P&G brand).... or maybe just some scissors. Something tells me no hairdresser going to own up to performing this colour job.

Besides The Hair, Drew also had some very electric-blue, Rihanna-esque nails going on. Along with a bright yellow McQueen gown. One word: ballsy. I love her even more for heading to Sweaty Betty's instead of her after-party.

As with every TIFF event where a celeb is on the premises, it was madness both surrounding the red carpet and even inside—every single person was shoving cameras in Drew's face like some kind of zoo creature. If I were famous, I'd definitely be known as a giant b*tch because that's gotta get annoying.

But that, uh, didn't stop me from snapping some pics anyway—including one of Drew and her man Justin (Long—of He's Just Not That Into You and the PC vs. MAC commercials). These photos are terrible quality so don't judge... I know I'll never be a paparazzi. But here they are:

On the red carpet:


The Dress (notice Juliette Lewis on the right):


The Embrace (awwww!):