The Bouncy, Shiny, Happy Hair at Anna Sui Spring 2010

Just call it dream hair.
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Just call it dream hair.

Fashion shows, as you know, are not about NORMAL. They're meant to inspire! Shock! Confuse! Etc.

I can appreciate that—and I do enjoy spying little beauty and fashion trends here and there. BUT... there's usually at least one element of each designer's vision that I don't like. (Or at least, not for my boring life!) See examples: rainbow eye makeup, OTT bow action, knee-high socks (?), for starters.

But as you also may know, I love making up hypothetical beauty situations, such as this one:

If you had to wear the Total Look—that means the clothes, hair, makeup, everything!—from just one designer ALL season long, which would it be?

For me, there's no question: Anna Sui. These gals look gooooooooood. Take a look:


Here's the close-up:


Is that not the nicest hair you've seen in a long, long time? If my hair did this every morning, I'd be a happy girl. See, it's not straight, but it's not curly. It's got body, but not too much body. It's really just the vision of health.

How to do it? It starts, obviously, from the inside out (but I won't bore you with a healthy lifestyle lecture—you know the basics, and they DO make a difference).

The right colour is also key: as you may notice, models always have GREAT colour. It never clashes with their skin tone—and you rarely see obvious highlights. It's "you, only better" hair.

And you knew I'd get to this: you have to keep it in good condition. Use the right products (something volume-building and suitable for colour-treated hair would be good) and get regular trims to keep ratty ends at bay.

As for styling, you could probably achieve this look with the velcro roller volume trick. So pretty!