The Biggest Beauty Don'ts From New York Fashion Week Spring 2010

Don't try these looks at home.
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Don't try these looks at home.

One of the reasons I wanted to start a beauty blog—after years writing about beauty for magazines—was because I've got more room here to EXPLAIN the trends.

Sitting in my lofty tower as a magazine editor, I'd often run images straight from the runways... and God help you if you took us literally. I mean, it's great to say that black lipstick is fashionable—but do we really want people rocking a full Marilyn Manson? Of course not.

The good news is that with every beauty trend, there's a way to adapt it so it's wearable. (Well... most of the time, anyway.) Which is why I've rounded up a list of my top beauty don'ts—straight from the runways of New York Fashion Week—with some thoughts on how to fix 'em for real life. Here we go!


Calvin Klein

The Look: "I forgot my mattifying face powder at home today."

The Fix: Listen carefully: Dewy good. Greasy BAD ( at least when it's deliberate, like this look... even her hair looks kinda unwashed). If you're prone to shine on the T-zone, carry some of those blotting papers in your purse (these ones from Tweezerman are excellent), or try a mattifying range like Kiehl's Rare Earth line. A good powder for chasing shine is the classic M.A.C Blot Powder.

Marc Jacobs

The Look: "I moonlight part-time as a clown."

The Fix: Oh dear. Where do we start here? Obviously MJ was being theatrical here. The girls actually look cool from a distance—like little dolls or ballerinas. SO. To adapt it for real life, stick with the topknot, just skip the drawn-on brows and tone down the eyeliner and lipstick. Swap the white face powder for a sheer tinted moisturizer and add some blush too, so you're not so morbidly pale. (NARS Orgasm works on anyone and everyone.)


3.1 Phillip Lim

The Look: "Oh, no I don't have an eye infection—I just like orange eyeshadow."

The Fix: In my world, orange eyeshadow is NEVER okay. Just don't do it—you'll get all kinds of inquiries about the state of your health. Orange, however, is great on the lips or cheeks, so that's where I suggest you wear it. (Caution: orange lipstick can make your teeth look more yellow, so use Whitestrips beforehand!). NARS, as usual, has a great orange balm called Cariabe that you could try.

Narciso Rodriguez

The Look: "I haven't seen sunlight since 2006."

The Fix: Now this look isn't terrible. (It's so neutral, what's there to hate, really?) But I've always maintained that EVERYONE —even 5'10", Eastern European, poreless-skinned models—looks better with a bit of blush. Trust. If you're not keen on the aforementioned NARS Orgasm, you could try a cream version like Guerlain's lovely Russian Doll Radiant Blush (but get it now—it's limited edition).


The Look: "I was an extra on the set of The Lost Boys."

The Fix: SugarShock had a post about Rodarte the other day, where I commented that I wasn't a fan of this look. I just can't get on this Goth bandwagon. But I get it—there's something appealing about a rich, dark mouth. Just not THIS dark. I'd lighten it up with a more plummy shade (Dior has a nice one this season called Decadent Plum). And I hate to harp on the blush thing—but just a hint of it would make this look less vampire and more chic.