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Behind the Scenes with Makeup Artist Val Garland at the Launch of YSL's Fall 2009 Collection

Channeling Studio 54.
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Of all the stunning visuals for this fall's new makeup collections, this one from Yves Saint Laurent has to be my favourite. So Studio 54, isn't it?

Back in the spring, we beauty folk got the inside scoop on how to create it. It was a huge thrill to meet Val Garland, one of the world's TOP makeup artists and currently the artistic advisor for YSL. (You can watch a video interview of her here.) Not only did she demonstrate all the products for us on a model, but she also gave us some GREAT tips (great as in I actually hadn't heard most of them before—quite a feat considering I've been writing about makeup for some time now).

Here's what Val had to say about the inspiration for this collection:

"It's a celebration of women. [It's looking at] a really manicured moment, from the 1940s right up to the 1980s. It's about sculpted faces, statement red lips, brows... there's something for everyone. We saw a lot of grey and black clothes on the catwalks, so this collection is about embracing colour. Makeup is making a comeback."

Amen to that! Before I tell you more about what the collection includes, here are some pics of the makeup, the model she demonstrated on and Val herself.

First, here's the makeup. GORGEOUS, no? We all sat at tables and were served champagne and gourmet French fries while we got to play with it. (And yes, that's my idea of heaven. It was like art class for grown-ups!)


Now here's the gorgeous model. One of the things Val was demonstrating was a chartreuse eye shadow (you'll see it in the pic above) that looks quite vivid in the palette, but is in fact very wearable on the face.


See how pretty it is when she closes her eyes? Never thought I would love something like this, but I do.


And here's Ms. Garland herself (chatting with my friend Malena of Hello! magazine.)


And finally—after the jump, I've got the lowdown on each piece in the collection. Stay tuned for Part Two tomorrow where I'll be sharing Val's awesome makeup tips!

At The Bay flagship stores in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, and in Holt Renfrew stores across Canada.