Chanel Noirs Obscurs Makeup Collection

Out now: Chanel's Noirs Obscurs
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Out now: Chanel's Noirs Obscurs

For those of you who fell in love with Chanel Black Satin and never looked back, there's a new collection from the brand—the limited-edition Noirs Obscurs—that should be right up your alley.

By the way, you MUST visit Chanel's site and watch to the short video for this collection. Doesn't it make you want to dress up and go out DANCING? The track is a good one, too: Needy Girl by Chromeo.

(Oh and for those of you who may wonder why I post a lot about the prestige brands' collections, it's because they, like top fashion designers, are usually the first to get on top of a new trend. You don't have to buy it, but you sure can admire it.)

So. Based on these visuals, it looks like darker palettes are still de rigeur for fall:



I have to admit, even though my makeup preferences are more in the shimmery beige/soft lavender/navy blue family, I love these images.

I'm just not sure too many of us could pull off those lips. I tried on the Rouge Allure ($37) in all three shades—Maniac, Hysteria and Obscure—and not only did I look frighteningly Goth, I also could not really detect any measurable difference between the three. So er... maybe skip the lipstick, unless you're going for the Marilyn Manson look.


The gloss (Aqualumière in Furious, $31), on the other hand, is quite lovely and sheer. And I can also get behind Le Crayon Yeux (eyeliner—$25) in Demoniac, a soft purple-grey.


However, the must-have in this collection (if you're shopping around for a new palette, that is) is the Quatuor Boutons de Chanel in Les Folies Noires ($68), which is one of the nicest eyeshadow quads I've seen from Chanel in a while. Totally wearable, it includes black plus three almost-blacks: a burgundy, a green and a dark copper. All are embossed with the double C's, which is almost a shame, because you know me—I get all collector-like about makeup and this one seems too pretty to mess up by actually using it. Shame!


At Chanel beauty counters across Canada.