How To look Good in Photos

Tips from pro photographer and Look-A-Like star Richard Sibbald.
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Tips from pro photographer and Look-A-Like star Richard Sibbald.

If you're anything like me, you could probably use a little help in the photo department. And by that I don't mean TAKING photos. I mean looking GREAT in them.

I always cringe when that Moment of Truth comes—when iPhoto boots up and shows you the cold, hard, the photos you've just uploaded. I either look (a) like a deer in headlights, (b) awkward, (c) hippy, or (d) all of the above. Which is why I'm still using a headshot from 2007. (Is that the journalistic equivalent of those creepy online daters you hear about, who post photos that obviously date back to their pre-beer belly, pre-receding hairline years? I hope not.)

Anyway! I vow that I'm NEVER going to take a bad photo again if I can help it, thanks to these tips from Look-A-Like photographer Richard Sibbald. He shared these with me back in August when I visited the set (if you missed it, check out this post for tips from his costar Paul Venoit on how to do pin-up girl makeup).

Trust me—these are REALLY GOOD TIPS and you will use them FOR LIFE. (Mr. Sibbald is also easy on the eyes, no? Maybe it's just me—I like that little eye-narrowing thing he had going on here.) Check it out: