Here's a Perfume Ring You'll Actually Want to Wear

It's Marc Jacobs Lola.
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It's Marc Jacobs Lola.

OF COURSE Marc Jacobs would be the first fragrance purveyor to actually come out with a solid perfume ring that I actually could see myself wearing. (Usually, they're unbelievably gaudy and cheap-looking.) I didn't love his Daisy ring—waaaaay too Flower Power—but this? What's not to love?

The name of the scent, in case you didn't immediately recognize the highly covetable signature packaging (or—duh!—read its cute little purple pouch), is Lola. And yes, as I posted back in September, the full-sized bottle is definitely sitting pretty atop many a beauty editor's dresser right now. The ring's probably a better investment though, all things considered. You can justify it as part fashion!

Priced at $49 and available in February at Holt Renfrew, Murale, Sephora, department and drug stores across Canada.