Amy Adams' Stained Lips and Side-Parted Hair

At the BAFTA/LA Britannia Awards.
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At the BAFTA/LA Britannia Awards.

The Look: Berry lips and flushed cheeks.

The Lowdown: Isn't Amy Adams cute as a button here? I just love her look—so fresh and natural. (And I've forgiven her now for that horrendous dress choice at the Oscars earlier this year.) Here, it looks like she used a berry-coloured stain on the lips and then topped it with a clear gloss. Looks simple, but to get this much colour, not just any stain will do. Skip the Benetint and go for something like Urban Decay's Lip Envy in Greedy, which gives a VERY rich pigment and really lasts (trust me). Keep it in the same colour family on the cheeks with something rosy like M.A.C Blushcreme in Posey.