Editor's Pick: Lise Watier Mini Eye Glitters Set

Perfect for the holiday season.
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Perfect for the holiday season.

Last Christmas, I fell in love with a limited-edition, glittery green liquid liner from The Body Shop. Random, right? I mean, I'm the girl who—despite owning enough makeup to open my own Sephora—seems to somehow always revert back to a wardrobe of grey, beige and navy on my eyelids. (Actually, that happens in my clothing choices too. Hmmm...)

Anyway, I found myself loving that green liner because it added just the slightest hint of unexpected colour and sparkle. And while the green is long gone (this season, the Body Shop has silver and black versions), I've just discovered Lise Watier's VERY close approximation. You can buy the Eye Glitter individually in a whole bunch of shades, including green or the Smokey Gold pictured above. But I'm all over the Mini Eye Glitters Set, which contains four mini tubes sized at 2.5 mL each (compared to the 6 mL full-sized versions). And really, since this is probably something you'll be saving for holiday parties, I think 2.5 mL is plenty!

Besides Smokey Gold, the set includes Midnight Star (blue), Opale (white) and Black Diamond (charcoal). I love the fine tip of the applicator—use it to paint a thin line right at the lash line. Even if you're not a "glitter person," I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

But oh! We were talking about GIFTING this, weren't we? Well, I won't tell...

Priced at $29 for the set and available now at drugstores and mass-market retailers across Canada.