You'll Fall in Love with The Body Shop's Love Etc...

It's their latest scent.
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It's their latest scent.

Hands up if you used one of The Body Shop's perfume oils in high school! I was partial to Vanilla, White Musk and Dewberry, none of which I can stomach now. Okay, maybe the Vanilla... but certainly, none of them shout "haute fragrance."

That's all changed now, though. Judging by the company's most recent olfactory creations, it's now possible to put out a fragrance that's simultaneously affordable but not affordable-smelling (if you catch my drift). As I mentioned back in March, I really liked The Body Shop's Moroccan Rose Eau de Toilette, which was surprisingly modern and fresh—especially when you consider how rose fragrances typically remind people of little old grannies. Now, the company is introducing Love Etc..., a happy, fruity, floral kind of scent. (Notes include pear, neroli, bergamot, jasmine, vanilla and sandalwood.)

The crazy part is that it's only $29.50 for a 50mL bottle of eau de parfum, which is more concentrated than an eau de toilette (and most big-deal brands sell EDTs at double the price). It's also—for the eco-minded among us—the world's first eau de parfum made from community trade alcohol sourced from organic sugar cane in Ecuador.

Eau de parfum, $29.50 for 50 mL and $24 for30 mL; Body wash, $15; Body lotion, $16.50. At The Body Shop stores across Canada and