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Kristen Bell's Orangey-Red Lipstick

At the 'Assassin's Creed II' launch.
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The Look: A bold orange-red lip.

The Lowdown: I love a red lip on a blonde—with scraped-back hair, it looks so fresh and classic. While most of us stick to the blue-red lipstick family, Kristen's sporting a warmer, orangey shade here, which is quite lovely. The problem with warm reds is that unless you're a celeb who can afford frequent Zoom whitening sessions, they can make your teeth look frighteningly yellow. So proceed with caution—preferably after a full-fledged week or two of Whitestrips usage.

The other little trick to note with this look is that if you DO go with an orangey red, you really need to keep your blush and eyeshadow in the same colour family. Think coral, not pink for the cheeks, and a warm earthy tone on the lids.