Kate Beckinsale's Brown Smoky Eyes

At the Hollywood Awards Gala.
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At the Hollywood Awards Gala.

The Look: Smoky brown eyes and perfectly-arched brows.

The Lowdown: I'm a big, big fan of this look on Miss Beckinsale (although generally not, it must be said, a fan of her work—sorry). Anyway! This eye makeup looks lovely, doesn't it? I'm also mesmerized by those brows. Why have I never noticed how great her brows are?

To get the eyes right, you need a few shades of browns, i.e. a lighter colour for all over the lid, a medium shade (here it looks a little bronzy) for the crease, and something uber-dark for lining around the lashes. (I'd also suggest a black or dark brown eyeliner or liquid liner... or you could just wet an angled brush to apply the darkest shade of shadow for a liner effect.) And go for black mascara, not brown.

Sephora has a neat little palette that I was going to post about later (and may still do so) but what the heck—I'll tell you about it now: the Brown Smoky Eyes Palette. It's $49 and even comes with step-by-step instructions in case the above was insufficient.

And oh! The brows. My all-time favourite, as I've mentioned before, is Dior's Brow Styler. It. Is. Amazing. Did you know that unless you've got VERY dark skin or VERY dark hair, 99% of us will suffice with filling in our brows with a light taupe-ish colour? So this pencil should suit, well, just about everyone. Run, do not walk, to snatch it up now.

Et voila! You look like Kate.