Stop and Appreciate Camilla Belle's Perfect Brows

At the '2012' premiere.
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At the '2012' premiere.

The Look: It's all about the brows.

The Lowdown: Following along from yesterday's Kate Beckinsale post—showcasing her pretty much FLAWLESS brows—I thought I'd post this pic of Camilla Belle, an actress I'm familiar with more for her appearances in People StyleWatch and Us Weekly (my guilty pleasures) than any actual acting she's done. (Seriously—what is she famous for, other than for dating a Jonas brother?)

Anyway! Back to this look. It's a perfect example of how full, perfectly groomed brows really frame and "dress up" your face.... to the extent that she really doesn't need much other makeup.

And we're not talking bushy caterpillars, folks. These have been expertly shaped—I recommend threading over waxing as it's less irritating to the skin—and then filled in with a brow pencil or powder. Honestly, they really are The Great Underrated Facial Feature. No?

Thin, overplucked brows = Ur Doin It Wrong.