Jennifer Lopez's Best Hair and Makeup Looks

Get inspired.
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Get inspired.

When you think about beauty (and style) chameleons, usually the celeb who comes to mind is Madonna. But after checking out the impressive hair and makeup range of Jennifer Lopez, I think she's an equal contender. Let's grab some beauty inspiration, shall we?

Look 1: Sultry eyes

Most recently, J.Lo made an appearance at the L.A. premiere of This Is It, debuting the smokiest eyes (and palest skin) I think we've ever seen her wear. An exciting style change, non? To get this look, don't worry about being perfect—it's actually ALL about a heavy hand. Go a little crazy and LAYER a bunch of different (but coordinating) eyeshadow colours. (As you can see, she's wearing a palette of blacks, greys, muted bronze and silver.) As for the rest of the face, you know the drill: bare, bare, bare. And wearing your hair up keeps it classy (not trashy).

Look 2: Bardot-esque bangs

How do we feel about the sexy, sexy bangs in this next pic (from this summer's Noche De Ninos gala in Beverly Hills)? I'm a BIG fan. Did you know that the best way to get body in your bangs is to blow dry them in the opposite direction? So for this look, flip 'em back and forth a few times as you blast them with your hairdryer. And of course, start things off right by using a volumizing shampoo and some kind of root-lifting product. (TRESemmé's 24 Hour Body line is still the best one I've tried in that genre.)

Look 3: Old Hollywood glam

Proving that she doesn't mess around, the next pic is classic glamour (it's from the Benjamin Button premiere last year). It looks impressive, but there's no reason you or I couldn't channel this exact same look. (Let's face it—half the battle is a plunging neckline.) Curl your hair using the technique outlined here (use mousse, or at least hairspray, to make it hold), and then pop on some false eyelashes for extra drama (M.A.C and Shu Uemura both have an amazing array of lash options). The final touch is coating your lips in super-shiny gloss.

Look 4: Bronzed goddess

And finally, we come to the J.Lo we all know and love: the bronzey, beachy, goddess J.Lo. I don't think this look will ever go out of style—do you? (The pic, by the way, is from the L.A. premiere of El Cantante.) And really, it's the most versatile of all these looks; it really could take you anywhere. A few things to note: the hair is straight and centre-parted, but it has BODY (so don't skimp on the volumizing products). There's definitely a glow, thanks to some subtle self-tanning (the best faux-tanner EVER is by Lavera... it's a miracle product that really does not smell, AT ALL). And while the makeup is subtle, it's mostly about the lashes, so use the most lengthening mascara you can get your hands on. (CoverGirl LashBlast Length is a new, and appropriate choice.)