Nicole Richie's Best Hair Looks

Her style and colour evolution.
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Her style and colour evolution.

Many Halloweens ago—back when The Simple Life was on TV and belly-baring jeans and Ugg boots were considered stylish—my friend and I decided to dress up as Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. Except neither of us wanted to be Nicole. It was back in her blonde-and-black hair extensions phase—need I say more? So we went as Paris and Paris.

But who's laughing now? Over the years, Nicole has blossomed into one of Young Hollywood's most stylish starlets (thanks, of course, to Rachel Zoe's expert guidance). And now, it's Paris whose bad hair, strange outfit choices (and even stranger boyfriend choices) makes me cringe.

One of the things I like most about Nicole (speaking as a former hair chameleon myself), is that she's not afraid to change it up when it comes to her hair colour and style. (She's not quite as adventurous as Mandy Moore, woman of 1,000 hairstyles, but getting there.)

And have you heard? This week, she debuted some new brunette locks. Now let's discuss the transformation.

I'll start at the beginning:

Long and Blonde (With Multi-Coloured Extensions)

Just to see how far we've come, here's Nicole circa 2004. Those extensions—what was she thinking?!?

Blonde Bob

This is the look that made us all fall in love with her a teensy bit. Right? It's just so darned CUTE. Love the sideswept bangs, and the shorter length and lighter makeup allow her to carry off the bright blonde hue.

Long and Blonde

I'm not a fan. Are you? Don't get me wrong—I love the bohemian look, but this is way too blonde and a bit too scruffy. I also think it's kinda obvious that she's got extensions in, and that's one of my pet peeves. Pretty makeup, though.

Shoulder-Length Waves


I love this and in fact showed it to my hairdresser when I recently chopped off four inches. This length is great because you can do messy waves without looking, well, messy. And the warmer blonde colour is much more suited to Nicole's skin tone.

Medium-Length "Bronde"

Here we see that the transformation to brunette was already in progress. This is how you do it if you're on the fence—in stages. Although I can't say I love this dishwater colour... kind of blah and borderline greasy-looking, no? As I mentioned before, I do love this plum makeup palette on her.

Long Brunette

And here we are at Nicole's current shade. I love it! Do you? I wish this photo was a bit closer up, as you'd see how this transformed her skin into peaches and creams gorgeousness. And it looks like the extensions are back in, but somehow looking more realistic in the darker hue. Now, darn it, I kinda want to go darker myself...

What do you think? What's your favourite Nicole Richie hairstyle? Do you prefer her as a blonde, brunette or somewhere in between?