Do or Don't: Marion Cotillard's Frizzy Curls

Good news for curly folk?
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Good news for curly folk?

Just when I post a tutorial (yesterday) about how to get straight hair with body, I see this: Marion Cotillard—whose look I normally adore—sporting some super-tight, super-frizzy curls. Is it a perm or just pin curls? I suspect the latter, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, I hear that tighter curls (as opposed to the wavy hair that's been in fashion for a quite a while) are making somewhat of a comeback. And frizz, too. (Yes, really. I met with L'Oréal Paris official hair artist Eric Del Monaco last month and he confirmed this.)

All good news, I'm sure, for naturally curly folk. Or is it? What do you think of this look?