The Minnie Mouse Hair at Chanel Spring 2010 Couture

Weird but still awesome.
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Weird but still awesome.

Why is it that anything Chanel sends down the runway—no matter how outrageous—always, ALWAYS manages to look SO RIGHT?

Case in point: this ri-donk-ulous Minnie Mouse-style hairdo, no doubt achieved by winding copious amounts of fake hair into two gigantic buns. Notice the hair also has streaks of grey (or maybe it's white). Is this a sign that maybe, just maybe, prematurely grey types will one day be able to rock those silver strands?

Okay... maybe not. But I still love this! (Not for real life, understand... just fantasy fashion land.) The heavy bangs look really fresh—and see that fabulous dusty rose and grey frayed chiffon bow? I predict H&M and/or Forever21 will have some version of it available in the next eight weeks.

Makeup, of course, is totally covetable. The lipstick (shade name: Genial) won't be out until summer, but reminds me of a less glossy version of the orangey-red lips at Prada for spring '10. Love the cool/warm contrast: warm lips, silvery lids.