The Glam-Goth Makeup at Givenchy Spring 2010 Couture

Proceed with caution.
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Proceed with caution.

Does this say "spring" to you? More like Marilyn Manson, no?

But I won't lie... I kinda dig this makeup from Givenchy's spring couture show. Not that I'm recommending you go for the full glam-rock effect. (Maybe don't bleach out your eyebrows, say.)

Still, I think the braver among us could take a cue from this brighter twist on Goth makeup. Take the eyes, for example. This version is a bit sooty, but I'm loving the effect of the blue glitter on top of a standard-issue black smokey eye. Just clean this up a bit—do a less exaggerated smokey effect and just concentrate the glitter from lash line to crease—and you've got something different to wear out this Saturday night.

Unless you're basically flawless, I'm not sure us non-model types should wear such bright red lipstick with these eyes, although it looks great on the runway. Maybe wear them separately. I'm loving how many red lips we're seeing for spring. It was getting boring for a while there with so many pink, peach and lavender glosses!