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Beauty So Clean Makes Sanitizing Wipes For Your Makeup

Keep it clean.
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I'm completely obsessed with my hand sanitizer spray (Burt's Bees Aloe and Witch Hazel, which, sadly, has been discontinued in Canada). So it's a bit sloppy of me to have waited so long to try Beauty So Clean's Cosmetic Sanitizer Wipes ($12.50 for 48), which are like hand sanitizers for your makeup.

P&G Beauty makeup pro Greg Wencel, whose concealer tips I shared the other day, got me thinking that I really must give my concealer—along with the rest of my makeup—a wipe-down. (I'm guilty of sometimes dipping my fingers into the pot, which spreads bacteria and can't be good for skin either... possibly even perpetuating a vicious concealer-requiring circle. Eek!) Anyway, these wipes, which are saturated with ethyl alcohol, lime oil and chamomile, were just the ticket—strong enough to kill any nasties, but gentle enough not to ruin the texture of the makeup. Beauty So Clean also makes a spray version, as well as a brush cleanser.

Available at The Bay and Murale stores across Canada or order online at