Trend Alert: Griege Nail Polish

The new nude.
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The new nude.

Doesn't it seem like nail polish trends are on warp speed lately? It's tough to keep up—even in the past six months or so, we've seen three mayjah ones. Yves Saint Laurent's Stormy Grey—which I dubbed "the nail polish every beauty editor will be wearing"—kicked things off last fall. And then there was the love affair with jade green (a trend I happily sat out). Now, as predicted when we saw Chanel's Spring 2010 show last October, it's all about taupe.

Think warm, mushroomy shades—some even have a hint of lilac. Consider them the new neutrals: unlike previous nail trends like blues and greens, this is a colour that goes with everything. (Clearly Lily Allen, Sandra Bullock, Demi Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Beckinsale think so too.) Below, my top taupe polish picks. (But act fast! When it comes to polish trends, Chanel does the trend-setting... and I've just received their summer collection with some brand new lust-after shades. Stay tuned!)

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Particulière

The shade that started it all. Limited edition, so if you can still find it, snap it up now! (Sadly, I didn't get a sample... but I still think it's the prettiest of all.)

Essie Nail Polish in Mink Muffs

A number of beauty eds I know are fond of a similar Essie shade, Chinchilly, which is also lovely—but Mink Muffs has a bit more warmth.

OPI Nail Polish in Over the Taupe

OPI actually has two taupe offerings—this shade, which I prefer (it's a bit more pinkish) and a darker, more brownish one called You Don't Know Jacques.

Lippmann Collection Nail Color in Waking Up in Vegas

Available at Holt Renfrew, this is more of a chalky, greyish taupe.

Sally Hansen Nail Color in Commander in Chic

If you're not quite ready to give up your dark, vampy nails, this could be a good compromise—it's the deepest of these taupe offerings, with a definite purple tinge.

What do you think of the taupe polish trend? Do you have a favourite shade? Do tell—inquiring minds want to know!