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Ali Larter's Best Hair and Makeup Looks

The beauty evolution of the 'Heroes' and 'Legally Blonde' star.
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I've always had a bit of a girl crush on Heroes star Ali Larter—quite possibly stemming from her turn as accused murderer and liposuction-getting exercise instructor Brooke Windham in Legally Blonde. (Don't judge, but I've probably seen that movie at least 20 times on various hungover Sundays over the years.) Or, it might have started even earlier—anyone remember a profile of "Allegra Coleman" in Esquire back in the day? She was dubbed "Hollywood's Next Dream Girl," but it was a complete hoax—one that sucked me in, mind you—and Ali, a model at the time, portrayed the fictional persona. Obviously, a good career move. So good, in fact, that we're here to talk about her other oeuvre: great hair and makeup. Let's take a gander at Ali's surprisingly adventurous choices over the past few months.


I love a red lip on a blonde, and Ali really went for it here (this pic is from a Calvin Klein party at the end of January). With a colour this saturated, you need a perfect application (use a lip brush) and just a bit of definition around the eyes. I also love the blonde/red lips combo with a healthy sweep of blush. (But then again, when do I NOT like blush?)


This is a softer look, thanks to a shimmery pink gloss and blush on the cheeks. To dress it up, really play up your lashes. You could also do a '60s-style winged-out black liner on the upper lash line.


Do you like Ali as a redhead? I do—somehow she looks a bit sexier in this shade. If you're going to make this dramatic of a change, though, go see a pro. And be aware that the smart people that make hair dyes STILL can't figure out how to prevent red from fading the fastest.


Maybe not Ali's best look here—she kind of resembles Fergie a bit, don't you think? (Sorry Fergie.) I don't think this hair is that flattering for her squarish face shape, although I'm a big fan of the half-up, half-down style in general. This would have looked better with a side part or some loose tendrils. Oh, and more makeup.


I love these soft bangs on Ali. Since she has a bit of an angular face, they really flatter her and draw attention to her eyes. And what a gorgeous colour job—I'm seriously coveting those blonde highlights.


Last but not least, this one is probably my favourite. She just glows, you know? I'm obsessed with this hair—the deep side part is another easy but dramatic way to dress up your hair for evening. (Well, sort of easy. I'm still trying to master that perfect flip she's got going on.) The makeup's just perfect: pinks with a hint of gold and an extra bit of definition at the eyes to make them pop.

Which one of these Alis is YOUR favourite?