Trend Alert: Alice in Wonderland Beauty Products

Seven sweet picks.
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Seven sweet picks.

Good golly—since Tim Burton's cinematic take opened last Friday (a very important date!), we've been officially gripped by Alice in Wonderland fever. Not only are makeup tutorials popping up on YouTube for recreating the characters played by Anne Hathaway (think blood-red lips, strong brows and a ghostly pallor) and Helena Bonham Carter (blue shadow, heart-shaped lips and a Kabuki complexion), a handful of brands have hopped on the Alice bandwagon, too. Stella McCartney, Tom Binns and Swarovski have all introduced Alice-inspired jewellery, while fashion designer Alice Temperley has an AIW collection and Claire's Accessories opened an AIW pop-up store in London. But if you're looking for a more affordable fix, beauty products—as always—are your ticket. Here's a quick rundown of the Alice beauty action out there:

1. and 4. Paul & Joe Alice in Wonderland Collection: If you haven't come across Paul & Joe's cosmetics line, it's worth checking out purely for satiating your inner four-year-old girl. This limited-edition collection has a vintagey feel and comes in two colour palettes: "Fantasy" and "Daydream." Each consists of a cute little refillable tin containing blotting powder (that's #1 above) and a lip treatment stick (#4). See here for where to buy.

2. and 3. OPI Alice in Wonderland Collection: I told you about this one back in November—it's a range of four limited-edition shades, including Absolutely Alice (pictured—a glittery blue), Mad as a Hatter (a glittery silver), Thanks so Muchness! (a metallic red) and Off With Her Red! (also pictured—a tomato red). The latter is the most wearable, obviously, but the glitter is kind of fun, no? (Again, I blame any momentary lapse in good beauty judgement on that inner four-year-old girl.) At professional salons and spas across Canada.

5. Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows: This is one for true fans—it's a fully loaded eye makeup palette that opens up to a scene of Alice in the mushroom forest. (Do you remember that part?) It includes 16 eyeshadows with names like White Rabbit and Jabberwocky, primer and eye pencils. At Sephora stores across Canada.

What do you think of these Alice beauty products? Have you seen the movie yet? Will you be doing your makeup like Anne or Helena? (Please say no!)